Bergamot is named after the city of Bergamont in Lombardy, Italy, where the fruit was first cultivated, in the 18th century. It is also grown commercially on the Ivory Coast. The oil is cold pressed from the peel of the nearly ripened fruit. A small tree with smooth oval leaves and small round fruit. Bergomot is grown exclusively for the essential oil within its peel. The entire plant emits a strong fragrance similar to citrus, but most like that of the tropical tree, orange bergamot, hence the nickname bergamot. The scent is suitable for use in potpourris and other scented mixtures. The blossoms provide the flavoring for the famous Earl Grey tea. The flowers are also edible


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    • antibiotic
    • antidepressant
    • antiseptic
    • antispasmodic
    • calming
    • digestive
    • disinfectant
    • relaxant & sedative