Body: Sandalwood balances both dry and oily skin, is useful in treating acne, and useful in soothing barber’s rash (great aftershave for both men & women). Use as a toner or as a compress for skin disorders, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and for delicate skin. When applied on skin, its antiseptic qualities protect wounds, sores, boils, ulcers, pimples etc. from infections. Sandalwood water is particularly beneficial to reduce inflammation. Ideal for smoothing wrinkles and nurturing mature and chapped skin. Spray all over your body as an aphrodisiac.

Mind: Emotionally, it relaxes stress, soothes irritation and helps lift depression. It is a wonderfully balancing hydrolate.

Spirit: Sandalwood water is a rich, sweet scent that is an aid to meditation and spiritual growth. In Tibet Sandalwood water is used to revive people from high states of consciousness. Sprayed in the corners of rooms it is said to protect and banish spirits or use to cleanse crystals.


  • This warm spicy fragrance calms and slows the psyche. Sandalwood  is an ideal remedy for the hectic, fast paced world we live in. Its grounding qualities encourage openness and understanding. This floral water is perfect for yoga or meditation. Also considered an aphrodisiac,  it restores sensuality in both sexes. ✿ B/D/H/P/S.