Body: Rose water has been praised and used for its many extraordinary beauty qualities. The precious water will yield wonders with any type of skin: ageing, dull, mature, normal, dry and sensitive. Rose water is a great cellular rejuvenator.

Mind: It is revitalizing, harmonizing, toning and relaxing at the same time. Rose water eases nervousness, anxiety and mental strain.

Spirit: Rose nurtures the heart chakra so we can be open to love in all types of relationships, including with ourself, our partner, our work and the divine. Helps heal intimacy issues


  • Rose is unparalleled in its beauty and scent. As an age old symbol of love, it is not surprising that this aroma has a substantial balancing  effect on the heart. Rose water enlivens the spirit! It comforts and refreshes, addressing heartache, sorrow and other psychological pain.  A deep loving aphrodisiac. ✿ B/D/H/P/S.