Body: Use for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, as a compress for migraines or as a toner for oily or acne prone skin. Suitable for sensitive, inflamed, itchy or dry flaky skin. Chamomile water prevents against moisture loss, relieves the irritation and calms after sunburn. Skin problems consisting of the mucus membranes, including mouth, gums, nose, lips, eyelids, ears, respiratory tract and anal and genital areas may safely be treated with this gentle and relaxing anti-inflammatory. Relieves hemorrhoids.

Mind: Best known for its ability to calm and ease the overly anxious. This floral water is an excellent stress buster.

Spirit: This is an excellent spray to create a peaceful mind so that one can hear their inner knowledge.

Roman Chamomile

  • A highly respected, soothing hydrosol that eases tension, anxiety, anger and promotes relaxation and peace. It has been applied as a calming remedy for children for decades. Aids in reducing stress and insomnia. Useful in regulating the menstrual cycle and easing pain from cramps, PMS and mood swings. Known as a powerful skin tonic that decreases inflammatory conditions. ✿ B/C/D/H/S.