Body: Orange Blossom will bring a soothing, joyous and uplifting note to your beauty ritual. Its natural hydrating and regenerating properties make it perfect for refreshing and reviving all skin types, especially tired skin. Soothing and healing for acne, eczema and broken capillaries. Relieves puffiness and swelling and cools itchy or sensitized skin. Valuable in skin care for scars and stretch marks as it promotes the growth of healthy new cells.

Mind: Said to help people suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and to relieve depression, stress or emotional upsets, including in children and animals. Spirit: Orange Blossom contains regenerative properties and helps reshape the aura after illness or accidents.

Orange Blossom

  • This sweet orange scent stabilizes and regenerates the soul. Esteemed  by the Egyptians for its great abilities to heal the body, mind & spirit.  Effective remedy for depression, anxiety and emotional exhaustion.  ✿ B/D/I/P/S. Perfume: Known as a sensual and euphoric scent.