Body: Myrtle flower water is useful for breathing problems, such as the common cold or a stuffy nose. It has been conventionally used to treat coughs, bronchitis and other respiratory infections and is mild enough for children. Egyptians used the plant to treat nervous afflictions. The astringent properties of Myrtle have also earned the reputation for promoting good digestion, treating urinary tract disorders, and preventing wound infections. Myrtle is also a mild sedative and is thought to be helpful for people who are trying to break an addictive habit, such as smoking. Mind: Soothes irritations, relieves fatigue, restores and revives.

Spirit: Myrtle helps balance our male and female energies by releasing anger and inner conflict.


  • A clear, fresh, camphoraceous, sweet-herbaceous scent. Myrtle is known to be mild in nature so it is safe to use for children’s respiratory irritations, asthma, bronchitis and coughs. Use as an immune booster to combat colds, flus, infections, mucus afflictions and diseases. Its astringent and anti-bacterial properties make it beneficial in treating acne, oily skin,  large pores and hemorrhoids. ✿ D/I/S.