Body: Lavender floral water is gentle and balances pH, which makes it ideal as a toner for every skin type on a regular basis, including acne.

Mind: Mentally and emotionally, Lavender water is relaxing and revitalizing. It can ease anger, frustration and stress.

Spirit: Influences greater intuition and clarity. It helps relieve pain and fears of the mind as Lavender is a relaxing and balancing on multi-dimensions. Helpful with breaking bad habits.



  • Lovely, deep floral aroma that gently warms the heart and steadies the emotions. Lavender water is pH balancing. It is ideal as a toner for every skin type. The most useful essence for therapeutic purposes, it fights  infection, and eases muscular pain and headaches. Wonderful natural sedative for sleep problems. ✿ B/C/D/H/I/P.