Geranium essential oil was used as far back in history as ancient Egyptian times when they used the oil to treat cancerous tumors. Geranium was originally a native of South Africa but today it is cultivated in Central Americe, Japan, Europe, Egypt, Russia, Japan and the Congo.  The main producers of geranium oil are Egypt and Russia


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    • antidepressant
    • antihemorrhagic
    • anti-inflammatory
    • antiseptic
    • astringent
    • cicatrizant
    • deodorant
    • diuretic
    • fungicidal
    • hemostatic,
    • reduces inflammation in wounds
    • throat infections
    • stimulant to liver and pancreas
    • diabetes
    • jaundice
    • menopause
    • circulation
    • kidney stones
    • dry eczema, most skin conditions
    • mosquito repellent