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We are so excited to introduce you to our new collection of Aromatherapy products called Holy Grail! 


The line consists of 3 products, all of which contain Frankincense, Golden Turmeric and Myrrh, along with several other health enhancing oils, butters and carrier oils, such as Cannabis sativa (hemp seed oil).


The therapeutic oils in this ancient recipe have been used to help support health and wellness in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for more than 4000 years. We can't possibly list all of the benefits that every ingredient has, but know that it was given as gifts to honour kings & deities for more reasons than we can imagine! And according to numerous historians, many ancient scripts that referenced gold were in fact references to Turmeric!


There has been a lot of research and recent media (and a large volume of sales) around these oils and others such as clove and lemon. All of these oils are in our recipe, because of their reported ability to support the immune system (especially when it comes to preventing and healing diseases like cancer). As a supplier of these products we are unable to make any health claims, but such claims are from numerous real cancer researchers. For more eye-opening information look up:


The combination of these oils together have been considered precious for thousands of years. The name 'Holy Grail' only seemed fitting... especially once I looked up the definition:


Holy Grail:


An object or goal that is sought after for its great significance. 

Something that is wanted very much but is hard to get or achieve.


As said by one cancer researcher: "Finding a cure for cancer is the Holy Grail of medical researchers."


The name was a perfect fit for what we wanted this product to reflect and I can't wait to share this line with you. They are sure to be products that are sought after for their great significance, and will no longer be hard to get through us! These remedies should be made available to everyone and I think the writers of the Bible said it best: The leaves of the tree are for the healing for the nations. Revelations 22:2 


Wishing you health, wellness and of course of becoming Irie!

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